Approved Architects

The Churchill Oaks Approved Architects List facilitates the design of homes consistent with the development and design goals established for Churchill Oaks. The List is comprised of architects who share a common belief that quality of design and craftsmanship are integral components of creating superior environments for people to live and play. Each architect is known for focusing their efforts on establishing the highest standards of quality for design and customer service available. New owners engaging the services of an approved architect ensures standards of construction in Churchill Oaks remain at the highest possible echelon. Click the links below to learn more about each architect and to view samples of their designs.

Matthew Savoie: Savoie Architects, P.A.

Gary Justiss Architects

Eric Watson Architect, P.A.

Ron Domin and Doug Bock: Domin Bock Architects, LLC

Greg Tankersley, McALPINE

Aaron Hollingsworth: Hollingsworth Design, LLC.

Greg Jazayeri: Gregory D. Jazayeri Design, LLC

Geoff Chick: Geoff Chick and Associates, Inc.

Jonathan Hampel, A BOHEME Design, LLC

Paul Geary, TS Adams Studio Architects, Inc.


Churchill Oaks Community Intro from Katie Peacock – Scenic Sotheby's on Vimeo.