Churchill Oaks features 46% open space and a density of 2.4 home sites per acre, which is less than half of the density allowed by the Walton County land use guidelines. Through the use of clustering, the developer created enclaves of home sites buffered by parks and preservation areas.

Preservation and Restoration

Extensive tree surveys were performed upon acquisition of the property and throughout development. This allowed the developer to design around and preserve much of the siteÂ’s existing vegetation. Setback variances are allowed to preserve trees, and if a substantial tree is removed during home construction, the Churchill Oaks Design Guidelines require a comparable tree be planted on the impacted home site or in an approved location within the community’s common area.

Living Shoreline

The shoreline of Churchill Oaks is landscaped with native grasses, palmettos, and trees. Armoring the shoreline with vegetation is much more consistent with the natural ecosystem of the Choctawhatchee Basin compared to rip-rap and bulkhead.

Landscaping and Xeriscaping

The majority of common area and homesites in Churchill Oaks feature xeriscaping. Use of native plants, trees, and shrubs preserves water, eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides, and provides a familiar habitat for local wildlife.

Churchill Oaks Community Intro from Katie Peacock – Scenic Sotheby's on Vimeo.